5 Tips To Looking Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

You’ve probably waited for this moment for your entire life, or at least the past year: your wedding day has been preceded by months of planning, sending invitations, picking flowers, cakes, designers and you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Unfortunately, many brides say that they barely remember their wedding day because everything happened so fast. Maybe this won’t be true for you, but it places a particular importance on one of the only concrete things you’ll have to remember the day: photos.

Here are 5 ways to look the best in your wedding photos so you can really make those lasting memories count.

1. Make Friends With Your Mirror

Practicing by yourself in the mirror is nothing to be ashamed of. You’ve probably arranged some of the photos’ poses and setups beforehand, and your time to practice is now.

Look at yourself from the same angle that the camera is going to be set up to perfect your looks and prevent surprises on the big day.

2. Avoid Excessive Makeup

Most brides wear some makeup to compliment their face and the setting of their ceremony, but beware: you have to strike that fine line between the right amount and too much.

If makeup appears to be caked on or makes your complexion more orange that it naturally is, the camera will probably reflect that. For best results, consult with a makeup artist or stylist to help prepare for the big day and avoid going overboard.

3. Smile With Your Eyes First and Your Mouth Second

You’ve probably heard the phrases “smile with your eyes” before. Less is more when it comes to your facial expression in pictures, in that the charisma of your smile should come from the brightness and happiness reflected in your eyes more than your mouth.

You’ll be better off opting for a smaller smile that doesn’t contort your facial positions in a way that appears uncomfortable, while your eyes tell the viewer all that they need to know.

4. Watch Your Body Position

Again, this will take time in the mirror to perfect. As any experienced celebrity or model will tell you, there are ways to pose that accentuate your favorite parts of your body.

While we’re not here to tell you how a body should look or be presented, you should have the tips you need to have control over how yours is on your wedding day. Certain poses can be slimming in general, while others simply avoid unsightly looks, like bad posture or a double chin.  Don’t be afraid to ask your wedding photographer for advice.

5. Most of All, Have Fun!

After all, it’s your day! If you stress about the photo and all the tiny details you’ve been stressing about for months, it might ruin your dream wedding and most certainly will show in the photos.

Lighten up, and have fun. You’ll probably only get one moment like this in your life. Take these tips to heart and make it count when it comes to the pictures that you’ll cherish for a lifetime with your partner!


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