9 Creative Ways to Use Wine Barrels in Your Wedding Decor

One of the most unique and visually appealing ways to add extra character and ambiance to a rustic wedding decor is to rent wine barrels for props and furniture throughout a wedding venue. There’s just something magic about these skillfully crafted wine barrels that gives a sense of intrinsic value and appreciation of culture and quality. After all, wine barrels are most commonly constructed by hand from talented coopers who have dedicated their lives to the craft of making a vessel to slowly age fine wines. The following are a number of ways to creatively incorporate wine barrels in your wedding decor.

Adding Wine barrels to your wedding decor

1. A wine barrel makes a fantastic station for guests to sign a wedding guest book upon entering the venue. It will stand out and give bold reminder to guests that they need to sign the book and leave their best wishes.

2. Depending on how many barrels you’re able to rent for your decor, wine barrels can make amazing cocktail tables. Your guests will be able to mingle around the reception hall and place their drinks and food on the barrels as they converse and enjoy the festivities.

3. A small grouping of several barrels will make for a fabulous gift station were guests can leave their gifts for the bride and groom.


4. A barrel can serve as a great candy station for guests to fill up small jars of candy to take home with them to enjoy. This is something that leaves a great memory for guests and lets them know that their presence was appreciated.

5. Wine barrels can be the perfect stands for speakers and sound systems. When positioned in strategic locations throughout the venue, the height of a barrel and its sturdy foundation works great for speakers.

6. Many weddings these days have a special set aside photo station that is decorated in order to provide memorable pictures of all the guests. Setting up a few wine barrels both standing and on their sides can make for a unique photo setting.


7. If you plan on having a centerpiece wedding cake that you want to show off to your attendees, a wine barrel makes an excellent cake stand and sits at a height wear the husband and bride will be able to cut the first slice and feed each other in classic fashion.

8. Wine Barrels make great tables for displaying pictures of the newlyweds and also for bouquets of flowers.

9. Rent wine barrels in multiple quantities. A series of wine barrels can be a fantastic setup for a bar that serves alcoholic beverages to the guests. You could even use a wine barrel as a fancy place to put a keg of beer and surround it by ice.


These are just a few ideas of ways to creatively use wine barrels to help decorate your wedding venue. They are certainly very versatile in what you can accomplish with them and they will add a rustic style and European feel to your event. You can rent wine barrels or you may be able to purchase them privately through sites like Craigslist or at estate sales.


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