Choosing the Perfect Color Palette For Your Wedding

Most young women spend years daydreaming about the perfect wedding, but sometimes the details are still a little fuzzy. Wedding planning is extremely personal, incorporating a couple’s traditions, beliefs, passions, tastes, and interests. With so many elements to incorporate into a successful wedding, it can be hard for new brides to know where to begin. An obvious choice for seasoned planners, however, is the color scheme.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Colors

While seemingly inconsequential, the color palatte used in a wedding can have a large effect on the overall success of an event. The look and feel of a wedding is highly influenced by the colors used in decor, impacting everything from the flowers in the centerpieces to what the wedding party wears down the aisle. There are many factors that influence color choice, but by considering some of the major elements that go into planning a wedding, it’s possible to choose the perfect palatte for any celebration.

The Season

The season of a wedding can provide significant influence on a color palatte. Different colors are more suited to different seasons, and seasonally inappropriate colors can mar the face of an otherwise beautiful ceremony. If you’re planning a fall wedding, for example, colors like orange and dark blue can create an autumn-inspired celebration, while pastels and shades of white are more suitable for spring.

The Theme

The theme you have in mind can play a role in the what colors are most apt for a wedding as well. If, for example, you are having a holiday-themed wedding, colors associated with that holiday should be considered, like red, green, and gold for Christmas, or red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July. When your colors fit, the theme you choose will be much more effective.

The Formality

The formality of a wedding can also drive what colors are fitting. If you are having a formal, evening wedding, more sophisticated colors like silver, crimson, or deep purple can help you create the style you have in mind. A beach wedding or a park ceremony with an afternoon cake and punch reception may be better suited to light, fun colors, like teal, ivory, and periwinkle.

The Couple’s Preferences

Above all else, a couple’s preferences should play a significant role in determining the color palatte used in a wedding. If the bride hates shades of orange, for example, it would be silly to plan a Halloween-themed bash or a coral and teal rustic barn wedding. Even the most suitable colors will look stiff and forced when the bride and groom aren’t passionate about their choice of hues.

Every decision that goes into a wedding is important, from the men’s bow ties to the sashes on the back of the chairs. Deciding on a color palatte can set the mood for the rest of planning, providing guidance in everything from flower choice to cake design. By considering the important elements that go into picking a palatte, you can easily choose a beautiful color scheme designed to fit the wedding of your dreams.

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